How to Grow Ornamental Grass

Article written by Curtis Adams for Houzz Click Here to view the original article Ornamental grasses are valuable landscape features. They provide three- to four-season interest with their distinctive forms, be they upright towers or arching mounds. Their seed heads often persist into winter, providing garden interest as well as food and habitat for overwintering wildlife. Additionally,...
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Is your lawn growing onions? How to get rid of pesky weeds

Article written by Mike McGrath for WTOP. Click Here to find the original article Is onion grass a sign of alkalinity? Mark in Fauquier County writes: “I have a large lawn that grows an abundance of onions. The lawn covers about an acre and a half so it’s not feasible to try and manually pull all the onions out. Research I’ve done says the presence of onions indicates the soil is too...
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