About Us

Background: During the early 1970’s a Washington State extension agent found himself overwhelmed by community requests for horticultural information and education. Realizing the importance of this information and education to his community, he and a Washington State plant pathologist devised a plan to train “master” volunteers to assist in providing horticultural information and education to the public. The first Master Gardener class was trained in 1973.

Present Day: The Montgomery County Master Gardeners have been serving their communities for nearly 25 years. With over 100 certified Master Gardeners, this association has served its community through countless projects and education.

Some of the things the Master Gardeners do for the community include:

  • Maintaining  gardens around Clarksville and surrounding area.
  • Conducting Semi-Annual Plant Sales for the community.
  • Teaching Junior Master Gardening programs for children.
  • Providing landscaping support to initiatives like the Habit for Humanity projects.
  • Educating and teaching neighbors about proper gardening.

Purpose:The purpose of the Association shall be to support and engage in the projects and activities which will foster horticulture related activities or any projects and activities which it may deem to be advisable to engage in and which will enhance the quality of life of the residents of Montgomery County, Tennessee, and all such projects and activities shall be in cooperation with the Extension Service, University of Tennessee.

Montgomery County aster Gardeners Support:

Loaves & Fishes 

The Food Initiative